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Prayer Day Event for Form Four Candidates

Mama Agnes Ochilo Foundation > Prayer Day Event for Form Four Candidates
Mama Agnes Ochilo Foundation > Prayer Day Event for Form Four Candidates

Prayer Day Event for Form Four Candidates

In a heartwarming visit to Kadika Girls High School (as the school’s Patron), I had the privilege of meeting with the remarkable KCSE candidates who are on the verge of taking their final exams. It was a moment filled with hope, inspiration and shared aspirations as I had the opportunity to offer words of encouragement and prayers to these dedicated students.

In my remarks, I conveyed several essential messages to the students, which I believe are integral to their success and personal growth;

1. Focus and Optimism: The path to success is often paved with challenges, but maintaining unwavering focus and optimism is crucial. I urged the students to keep their eyes on the goal, to believe in their abilities, and to approach their exams with a positive mindset.

2. Praying for Success: Acknowledging the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of the students, I encouraged them to seek strength and guidance from their spiritual beliefs. Regardless of one’s faith, prayer can be a source of solace and determination during challenging times.

3. Ethical Conduct: I emphasized the significance of ethical behavior during exams. I urged the students to stay far away from exam malpractice and to uphold the principles of integrity. Success achieved through honest means is not only more rewarding but also builds a strong foundation for their future.

4. Self-Trust: Believing in one’s abilities is a cornerstone of achievement. I encouraged the students to trust in themselves, to acknowledge their hard work and preparation and to step into the examination room with confidence.

The visit to Kadika Girls High School was a moving experience, and I was deeply impressed by the dedication and determination of the KCSE candidates. Their enthusiasm and receptiveness to the messages shared were a testament to their potential for great success.

As form four students countrywide prepare to sit for their final exams, let us join together in offering them our collective support and best wishes. Their journey is not only a testament to their hard work but also to the strength and encouragement they receive from their teachers, families and the broader community.

May these young individuals, armed with determination and integrity, face their exams with courage and grace, knowing that they have the support and well-wishes of all those who believe in their abilities.

We look forward to celebrating their achievements and witnessing the bright futures that await them as they continue their educational journeys.

Wishing the KCSE candidates countrywide all the success and fulfillment in the world.


Kadika Girls' High School, Migori County


October 17, 2023